Platform to platform migration

Professional migration service by award winning server experts with years of experience.


Rs90/ Account

  • Unlimited servers supported*
  • 24/7 availability
  • Unlimited tickets to fix issues*
  • Optimized for low downtime
  • We prevent data loss
  • Tested & proven migration process

    *This plan is built for standard migration using vendor-provided tools. In a standard vendor-supported procedure, a server migration takes 5 hours or less. This includes fixing lingering issues in individual accounts. In this package, we’ve included 4 times the usual time (20 hours), so that we can comfortably take care of any unforeseen issues. We support unlimited servers and unlimited tickets as long as it falls within this 20 hour limit. Additional hours is available at a discounted rate of Rs 1299/hour.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    1How much time will you take for the migration?
    The time required for the migration can vary based on the software compatibility between the source and destination servers and depending on the availability of automated solutions. Before beginning the job, we will do a preliminary server feasibility analysis and give you a time estimate.
    2Will you help with setting up the destination server with required software?
    Yes, we can, but it is not covered under this plan, and is covered under Server Administration Services.
    3Will you perform third party DNS switching?
    his plan by default supports the standard DNS setting of cPanel servers (which is to store DNS locally). External DNS is not included because it may present unforeseen issues. For a small additional fee, we will take care of DNS records in an external server as well.
    4Do you take care of Domain Registrar changes?
    Domain registrar changes may pose difficulties that are not common in standard migrations. It is not included in this default migration plan, but we can definitely take care of it for a small additional fee.
    1How do you ensure security of my confidential information?
    The information security certification ensures that all confidential information passed on to us by our clients like the server login details are completely secure, through strict privilege management policies.
    2Do you fix errors when using the migration tool?
    Migration tool can fail due to connection errors, disk space issues, permission errors and more. This plan supports all migration-related issues in cPanel servers with the default settings. However, migration failures caused by custom changes such as hardcoded PHP path, or customized service settings are not supported under this plan. We can, however, take care of that you with a custom quote.
    3Will you setup backups in the new server?
    Yes, we can setup backup and test it for proper functioning in the new server. This is not included in the default migration package, but we can build a custom quote for you