Vulnerability Scanning Service

Bobcares highly reviewed vulnerability scanning service perform crucial scans on a high frequency basis to ensure compliance and security metrics are met. Bobcares understands the need for risk exposure and rapid reactions to any vulnerabilities in your deployment.



Rs123/Webiste/ monthly

  • Wide range of audits
  • Scheduled monthly scans
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    Web vulnerability scan service looks for..

    • SQL Injections and XPath Injections
    • File disclosure detection
    • XXE (Xml eXternal Entity) injection
    • Potentially dangerous files
    • Shellshock
    • Server Side Request Forgery
    • Uncommon HTTP methods (like PUT)
    • Checking HTTP security headers
    • Checking cookie security flags
    • Fingerprinting of web applications
    • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
    • Command Execution detection
    • CRLF Injection
    • Copies (backup) of scripts on the server
    • Folder and file enumeration
    • Open Redirects
    • Basic CSP Evaluator
    • Brute Force login form
    • Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
    • Enumeration of WordPress and Drupal modules

    Benefits of Vulnerability Scanning Services for Your Business

    Supported Technologies

    We support multiple online businesses that include digital marketers, web hosts, data centers, SaaS companies, and more. With the wide scope of industries & companies we assist, we support a lot of technologies, both widely used & niche software. See all supported technologies.